Free Quakers, Founding Fathers, and Native Americans: Ned Buntline's Nativist Historiography

Will Fenton

Fordham University

Will Fenton is the Elizabeth R. Moran Fellow at the American Philosophical Society and a doctoral candidate at Fordham University where he specializes in early American literature and the Digital Humanities. His dissertation, “Unpeaceable Kingdom: Fighting Quakers, Revolutionary Violence, and the Antebellum Novel,” explores how nineteenth century novelists use “fighting Quakers” to authorize the violences attendant upon settlement, slavery, and westward conquest. His complementary DH project, Digital Paxton, is a digital archive, scholarly edition, and teaching platform for the Paxton pamphlet war. Will has received fellowships from the Library Company of Philadelphia, MLA, Haverford Quaker and Special Collections, and HASTAC. 


Will Fenton considers the historical fiction and religious appropriation of rabid nativist and prolific dime novelist Ned Buntline (E. Z. C. Judson), and situates Buntline’s Saul Sabberday (1858) in the context of a surge of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Will Fenton (Fordham University)

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P55 » Religious Climates and the Formation of US Literary History (15:45 - Friday, 23rd March, Enchantment B)

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