Indigenous Warfare and Tactical Aesthetics

John Funchion

University of Miami

John Funchion is Associate Professor and Graduate Director at the University of Miami, and author of Novel Nostalgias: The Aesthetics of Antagonism in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature (Ohio 2015). His essays have appeared in Early American Literature, ESQ, Modern Language Quarterly, Modernist Cultures, and The Henry James Review. He co-edited and contributed an essay to Bordering Establishments: Mapping Regions in Early American Writing (Georgia 2016).


John Funchion's paper, “Indigenous Warfare and Tactical Aesthetics,” establishes how writers represented Native American warfare to both tribal and white-settler readers. In A Treatise on the Mode and the Manner of Indian... [ view full abstract ]


  1. John Funchion (University of Miami)

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P19 » Ecologies Under Erasure: Indigeneity and the Early American Novel (14:00 - Thursday, 22nd March, Enchantment E)

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