Canvassing the Caribbean and Southeast Asia: The Global Expansion of American Subscription Publishing

John Garcia

Cal State Northridge

John J. Garcia has a B.A./M.A. in English from California State, San Bernardino and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. Garcia is currently writing a cultural history of booksellers and bookselling in Early America, from the transatlantic book trade of the late 17c to the global expansion of American publishing in the 19c. Research for this project has been supported by grants from the Ford Foundation, the Bibliographical Society of America, the New York Public Library, the New England Regional Fellowship Consortium, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Library Company of Philadelphia, and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies.


Door-to-door sale of books is a distinctively 19th-century phenomenonused by American publishers to create an alternative distributionsystem to bookstores. Armed with a bound prospectus, the subscriptionagent crisscrossed... [ view full abstract ]


  1. John Garcia (Cal State Northridge)

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