Poetic Representations of Mormon Women in Utah Territory 1872-1896

Amy Easton-Flake

Brigham Young University

Amy Easton-Flake is Assistant Professor of Religion at Brigham Young University. Her research focuses on nineteenth-century women’s reform literature and biblical hermeneutics. Her recent publications include “Biblical Women in the Woman’s Exponent: Nineteenth-Century Mormon Women Interpret the Bible” in The Bible in American Life (Oxford UP 2017) and forthcoming “Masculinity in the Book of Mormon” in The Book of Mormon: Americanist Approaches (Oxford UP 2018). Her work may also be found in the New England Quarterly, Symbiosis, Journal of Mormon History, and multiple edited volumes. She is currently completing a source book on poetry in the Woman’s Exponent.


Amy Easton-Flake, Brigham Young University, "Poetic Representations of Mormon Women in Utah Territory 1872-1896"In 1872, Mormon women founded the Woman’s Exponent, and proudly proclaimed it the first journal “owned by,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Amy Easton-Flake (Brigham Young University)

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