Ocean General Circulation Modelling Using NEMO and the ANHA Configuration


Numerical modelling is a powerful tool for oceanographers to study the physics of the ocean and its potential response to climate change. In-situ observations are essential but there are some limitations, especially in terms... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Xianmin Hu (University of Alberta)
  2. Clark Pennelly (University of Alberta)
  3. Juliana Marson (University of Alberta)
  4. Laura Castro De La Guardia (University of Alberta)
  5. Laura C. Gillard (University of Alberta)
  6. Natasha Ridenour (University of Alberta)
  7. Nathan Grivault (University of Alberta)
  8. Samantha Roch (University of Alberta)
  9. Yarisbel Garcia (University of Alberta)
  10. Paul G. Myers (University of Alberta)

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