The occupational therapist and assistive technology


Summary of the Workshop: The change in the situation of the occupational therapist in Flanders, Belgium (getting a master degree, starting a private practice), a changing society (an aging population, more empowerment of the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anne-Marie Deleyn (Member of the staff Department of Welfare, Health and Family, Flemish Agency for People with a disability, Knowledge Centre Assistive Technology,,
  2. Leen Bouckaert (Flemish Professional Association, VE)
  3. Stijn De Baets (Ghent University - Department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences - Occupational Therapy Program)
  4. Leen De Coninck (Artevelde University College)
  5. Aline Ollevier (Vives University College)

Topic Areas

WHO 2020 health promotion and disease prevention , Social inequality , New and innovative intervention , Multiprofessional issues in practice, research and education , Vocational, reintegration and work


Workshop » 2K (16:20 - Thursday, 16th June, AC203)