JIP: International collaboration on research projects related to health promotion and self-management


Summary of the Workshop: In 2013, different partner institutions agreed upon the development of a ‘Joint International Project’ (JIP) regarding the topics of Health Promotion and Self-management. Main objectives were to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ton Satink (HAN University of Applied Sciences)
  2. Ursula Costa (Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Applied Health Sciences Tyrol)
  3. Debbie Kramer-Roy (Brunel University, London)
  4. Kee Hean Lim (Brunel University, London)
  5. Pier Paolo Pasqualoni (University of Applied Health Sciences Tyrol)
  6. Daniela Senn (University of Applied Sciences ZHAW Winterthur Switzerland)
  7. Dominique Van de Velde (Ghent University - Department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences - Occupational Therapy Program)
  8. Patricia De Vriendt (Artevelde University College)

Topic Areas

WHO 2020 health promotion and disease prevention , Education / Research / Professional Challenges , Research methods , Pedagogical methods , Practice and intervention methods , Curriculum development , Evidence based practice , Multiprofessional issues in practice, research and education


Workshop » 7T (09:40 - Saturday, 18th June, Dunican Theatre)