Daily time management in children with Spina Bifida


Background: Spina bifida (SB) often result in a complex disability. The motor ability has been well described as well as the urological impairments. In recent years it has been shown that SB often cause a cognitive... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Marika Persson (Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Queen Silvia's Children's Centre, Gothenburg)
  2. Gunnel Janesl├Ątt (Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Disability and Habilitation, Uppsala University)
  3. Marie Peny-Dahlstrand (Department of Health and Rehabilitation /Occupational Therapy, at the Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg)

Topic Area

Practice and intervention methods


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