Client-centred discharge planning? Occupational injustice brought to light through the lens of relational autonomy


Background: While client-centred practice has received wide support, it remains difficult to apply in many practice settings. Identified barriers include constraints on time, resources and services imposed by healthcare... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Evelyne Durocher (Wester)
  2. Elizabeth Anne Kinsella (University of Western Ontario)
  3. Carolyn Ells (McMaster University)
  4. Matthew Hunt (McMaster University)

Topic Areas

Horizon 2020 and occupational therapy / science research , Education / Research / Professional Challenges , Occupational Justice , Research methods , Multiprofessional issues in practice, research and education


OS - 9O » Client-Centred Practice (13:50 - Saturday, 18th June, Kirwan Theatre)