Normative data for the WRITIC: a new test for handwriting readiness in kindergarten children


Background: Practicing handwriting is important for learning reading and spelling. So, mastering handwriting is still vital, especially in our current computer-age. Early evaluation of writing readiness is essential to predict... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Margo van Hartingsveldt (Research group Occupational Therapy-Participation and Environment, Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)
  2. Liesbeth De Vries (University Medical Centre Groningen, Centre for Rehabilitation Beatrixoord, Haren, The Netherlands)
  3. Helga Haberfehlner (Research group Occupational Therapy - Participation and Environment, Amsterdam Centre for Innovative Health practice, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)

Topic Areas

Practice and intervention methods , New and innovative intervention


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