Speaking justice to power in occupational therapy: this problem of 'seeing white'


Who are better prepared than the oppressed to understand the terrible significance of an oppressive society? (Freire, 1972,; p. 26). It has become apparent over the years that occupational therapy is majorly situated on... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lily Owens (Brunel University, London)
  2. Priscilla Harries (Brunel University, London)
  3. Sanjay Sharma (Brunel University, London)
  4. Alison Blank (Brunel University, London)

Topic Areas

Europe 2020 targets and occupational therapy /science development , Horizon 2020 and occupational therapy / science research , Education / Research / Professional Challenges , Social inequality , Occupational Justice , Community society gender, culture , Pedagogical methods , Curriculum development , New and innovative intervention


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