Occupational therapy students from Black Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds: critical enquiry and lived experiences of belonging to the profession


Occupational therapy’s centennial vision (AOTA, 2009-2017) places emphasis on the incorporation and retention of an ever increasing ‘diverse’ workforce that is representative of the local population and therefore capable... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lily Owens (Brunel University, London)
  2. Priscilla Harries (Brunel University, London)
  3. Sanjay Sharma (Brunel University, London)
  4. Alison Blank (University of Worcester)

Topic Areas

Europe 2020 targets and occupational therapy /science development , Horizon 2020 and occupational therapy / science research , WHO 2020 health promotion and disease prevention , Education / Research / Professional Challenges , Social inequality , Occupational Justice , Curriculum development


OS - 5M » Education: Students (13:50 - Friday, 17th June, O' hEocha Theatre)