Citizen Microbiology: Engaging the Public in the Study of Invisible Life


Increased public interest in both microbiology and citizen science, combined with technological advances in DNA sequencing, has recently led to the rise of many “citizen microbiology” projects including Wild Life of Our... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Holly Menninger (North Carolina State University)
  2. David Coil (MicroBEnet, UC Davis)
  3. Jenna Lang (Project MERCCURI, UC Davis)
  4. Daniel Mcdonald (American Gut Project, CU Boulder)
  5. Bethany Dixon (Western Sierra Collegiate Academy)
  6. Sally James (Freelance science writer)
  7. Patrik D'haeseleer (BioCurious and Counter Culture Labs)

Topic Area

Tackling Grand Challenges and Everyday Problems with Citizen Science


9E » Symposium: Broadening Engagement to Foster Diversity and Inclusion (14:40 - Thursday, 12th February, LL20C)

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