Lifelong learning as an incentive for citizen engagement in environmental actions


Marine species move with climate change, aquaculture, maritime traffic, litter; some settle down in new colonized areas and their populations grow uncontrolled becoming invasive. Early detection is crucial for preventing... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Eva Garcia-Vazquez (University of Oviedo)
  2. Alba Ardura (University of Perpignan)
  3. Yaisel J. Borrell (University of Oviedo)
  4. Laura Miralles (University of Oviedo)
  5. Eduardo Dopico (University of Oviedo)

Topic Area

Making Education & Lifelong Learning Connections


5E » Talks: Making Education and Lifelong Learning Connections (08:10 - Thursday, 12th February, LL20C)

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