The North American Butterfly Monitoring Network: New systems for data management, analysis, and visualization


Citizen scientists throughout North America perform thousands of butterfly surveys each year, yet these programs remain little known and the data have been underutilized both for local management or large-scale analyses. ... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Leslie Ries (University of Maryland College Park)
  2. Jeffrey Glassberg (North American Butterfly Association)
  3. Elise Larsen (University of Maryland College Park)
  4. Thomas Naberhaus (Butterfly and Moth Information Network)
  5. Karen Oberhauser (University of Minnesota)
  6. Doug Taron (Peggy Notebaert Museum)
  7. Kyle Bibby (Kalamazoo Nature Center)
  8. Nathan Brockman (Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University)
  9. Jutta Burger (Irvinve Rance Conservancy)
  10. Jaret Daniels (University of Florida)
  11. Kelly Lotts (Butterfly and Moth Information Network)
  12. Steve Mcgaffin (Knoxville Zoo)
  13. Sarah Garrett (The Butterfly Pavilion)
  14. Lea Morgan (Museum of Science)
  15. Greg Newman (Colorado State University/)
  16. Matt Scott (Redshift Technologies)
  17. Jim Springer (North American Butterfly Association)
  18. Maxim Larrivee (eButterfly)
  19. Regina Rochefort (National Park Service)
  20. Ashley Wick (Kalamazoo Nature Center)
  21. Tad Yankowski (Missouri Botanical Garden)

Topic Area

Digital Opportunities and Challenges in Citizen Science


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