Taking citizen science to new heights in Africa: lessons from the Animal Demography Unit, University of Cape Town


Life is busy and getting busier. Travel is expensive and getting more so. In the face of these challenges, how do we motivate long-term citizen scientists to keep going, and how do we convince new ones to start, when doing so... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sally Hofmeyr (University of Cape Town)
  2. Michael Brooks (University of Cape Town)
  3. Megan Loftie-eaton (University of Cape Town)
  4. Rene Navarro (University of Cape Town)
  5. Les Underhill (University of Cape Town)

Topic Area

Best Practices: Design, Implement, Manage CitSci Projects


1E » Talks: Best Practices for Designing, Implementing, & Managing CS Projects & Programs (09:55 - Wednesday, 11th February, 230A)

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