Don't crawl under a rock, look there for pikas! Engaging the public in climate-change science through surveys of a rock rabbit, the American pika


Engaging humanity in the issue of climate change is one of today’s grand challenges. One promising avenue for increasing engagement is public participation in research projects that document local environmental changes. The... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Johanna Varner (University of Utah)
  2. Liesl Erb (Colorado College)
  3. April Craighead (Craighead Institute)
  4. Amy Masching (Denver Zoological Foundation)
  5. Lucas Moyer-Horner (University of Utah)
  6. Megan Mueller (Rocky Mountain Wild)
  7. Emily Olson (Mountain Studies Institute)
  8. Chris Ray (University of Colorado Boulder)
  9. William Simpson (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  10. Shankar Shivappa (Cascades Pika Watch)
  11. Mike Weddle (Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School)

Topic Area

Tackling Grand Challenges and Everyday Problems with Citizen Science


PS/R » Poster Session / Reception (17:30 - Wednesday, 11th February, Ballrooms 220B and 220C)

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