Students Discover: What emerges when scientists and teachers co-create citizen science?


Students Discover is an NSF-sponsored Math-Science Partnership project that brings authentic research into middle school classrooms through citizen science ( In July 2014, the NC Museum of Natural... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Julie Urban (NC Museum of Natural Sciences)
  2. Holly Menninger (North Carolina State University)
  3. Susan Parry (Kenan Fellows Institute, NCSU)
  4. Jeni Corn (Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, NCSU)
  5. Liz Baird (NC Museum of Natural Sciences)
  6. Rob Dunn (North Carolina State University)

Topic Area

Making Education & Lifelong Learning Connections


1F » Talks: Making Education and Lifelong Learning Connections (09:55 - Wednesday, 11th February, 230B)

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