Public participation in the digitization of biodiversity specimens


New web resources provide scientists opportunities to engage the public in ways and at scales not previously possible. Many ecological and environmental citizen science projects focus on generating present-day occurrence data... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Elizabeth Ellwood (iDigBio; Florida State University)
  2. Austin Mast (Florida State University)
  3. Betty A. Dunckel (Florida Museum of Natural History)
  4. Paul Flemons (Australian Museum)
  5. Robert Guralnick (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  6. Gil Nelson (Florida State University)
  7. Greg Newman (Colorado State University/)
  8. Sarah Newman (National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc.)
  9. Deborah Paul (iDigBio)
  10. Greg Riccardi (iDigBio; Florida State University)
  11. Nelson Rios (Tulane University)
  12. Katja C. Seltmann (American Museum of Natural History)

Topic Area

Digital Opportunities and Challenges in Citizen Science


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