Pathways to balance and partnership: advancing equity, inclusion, and local relevance in citizen science


Many of society’s most pressing challenges have locally-specific manifestations that can not be clearly defined, much less solved, without including local knowledge and experiences. Equally importantly, effective, equitable... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Rajul Pandya (Thriving Earth Exchange, AGU)
  2. Monica Ramirez-Andreotta (University of Arizona)
  3. Daniela Soleri (University of California Santa Barbara)
  4. Rose Eitemiller (CS2015)
  5. Jonathan Long (USDA Forest Service )

Topic Area

Broadening Engagement to Foster Diversity & Inclusion


9D » Symposium: Broadening Engagement to Foster Diversity and Inclusion (14:40 - Thursday, 12th February, LL20B)

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