Natural Resource Volunteers and Citizen Science: Bringing Together a Community of Practice


This panel discussion will lay the groundwork to bridge two communities of practice: the citizen science practitioner community and the Master Naturalist program community. Master Naturalist programs are state and local... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michelle Prysby (Virginia Master Naturalist Program, Virginia Tech)
  2. Alycia Crall (Virginia Master Naturalist Program, Virginia Tech)
  3. Michelle Haggerty (Texas Master Naturalist Program, Texas Parks and Wildlife)
  4. Mark Larese-Casanova (Utah Master Naturalist Program, Utah State University)
  5. Adina Merenlender (University of California Naturalist Program, University of California-Berkeley)
  6. Karen Oberhauser (Minnesota Master Naturalist Program, University of Minnesota)
  7. Marilyn Smith (StreamWatch)

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Making Education & Lifelong Learning Connections


8F » Panel: Making Education and Lifelong Learning Connections (13:00 - Thursday, 12th February, LL20D)

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