Citizen Science in Education: Students Becoming Cell Biology Researchers


Success stories of Citizen Science projects demonstrates how valuable is this open science paradigm and encourages organizations to shift towards new ways of doing research different to the traditional ones. While benefits for... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Eduardo Lostal (Ibercivis Foundation)
  2. Fermin Serrano Sanz (Ibercivis Foundation)
  3. Francisco Sanz (Ibercivis Foundation)
  4. Carlos Val (Ibercivis Foundation)
  5. José Alberto Carrodeguas (Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems)
  6. Cândida G. Silva (University of Coimbra)
  7. António Monteiro (University of Coimbra)
  8. Paulo Gama Mota (University of Coimbra)
  9. Rui M. M. Brito (University of Coimbra)

Topic Area

Making Education & Lifelong Learning Connections


PS/R » Poster Session / Reception (17:30 - Wednesday, 11th February, Ballrooms 220B and 220C)

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