Introduction to FACT IADT Case Study for Digital Skills in Action – TEL Week across Dublin March 2016


Introduction to FACT is a first year module in the Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technologies at IADT. In September 2015 it was run across 12 programmes by 10 staff for 388 students. The module was devised to enable... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Marion Palmer (IADT)
  2. David Quin (IADT)
  3. Ruth Alexandra Moran (IADT)
  4. Neil Kavanagh (IADT)
  5. Mary Anne O'Carroll (IADT)

Topic Areas

Digital identities, competencies & literacies , Innovative Pedagogies for TEL


PP - 7 » Online Education IV (10:55 - Friday, 27th May, Dominic Dowling Room (Basement) -: Video recording)

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