The operational, pedagogical and technical challenges of introducing an automated assessment system into computer science laboratory sessions


This paper describes the establishment of an automated assessment and feedback system for programming assignments within the Maynooth University Moodle VLE. The system developed has provided an enhanced learning experience by... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Charles Markham (Maynooth University)
  2. Bart Busschots (Maynooth University)
  3. Patrick Marshall (Maynooth University)
  4. Vanush Paturyan (Maynooth University)
  5. Lisa O'Regan (Maynooth University)
  6. Margaret Phelan (Maynooth University)

Topic Areas

Online Education (teaching, learning & assessment) , Blended Learning


PP - 6 » Online Education III (10:55 - Friday, 27th May, James O‚ÄôSullivan Room (Basement) -: Video recording)

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