Using an Online Rubric Tool for Assessment and Feedback


Effective assessment and feedback methods have increasingly become the focus in higher education lately to enhance student learning and engagement (HEA, 2016). According to the latest Irish Survey of Student Engagement (HEA,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Aoife MacCormac (University College Dublin)
  2. Regina Joye (University College Dublin)
  3. Mary Bell (University College Dublin)
  4. Siobhan Brereton (University College Dublin)
  5. Jacqueline Burke (University College Dublin)
  6. Loretta Crawley (University College Dublin)
  7. Phil Halligan (University College Dublin)
  8. Philip Hardie (University College Dublin)

Topic Area

Topics: Assessment and feedback in a digital age


Px - 5 » Mix of topics (09:30 - Friday, 2nd June, B1082)

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