Practical Skill Assessments - we need to talk about video


This presentation details the opportunities afforded by video submission for assessment of practical skills and the challenges presented by the different platforms used within the School of Nursing and Human Sciences (SNHS),... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Patrick Doyle (Dublin City University)
  2. Evelyn Kelleher (Dublin City University)
  3. Adele Keough (Dublin City University)
  4. Anna Kimmins (Dublin City University)
  5. Colette Lyng (Beaumont Hospital)
  6. Mark, Glynn (Dublin City University)

Topic Areas

Topics: Assessment and feedback in a digital age , Topics: Flexible learning


Px - 2 » Assessment and feedback in a digital age (09:30 - Friday, 2nd June, B1201)

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