TEAMing up with student partners and technologies to succeed in Science and Health


TEAM, a National Forum enhancement project, has centred on enhancing assessment practices in science and health practical settings using digital technologies. The project is led by Dundalk Institute of Technology with... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ronan Bree (Dundalk Institution of Technology)
  2. Olya Antropova (Dundalk Institute of Technology)
  3. Edel Healy (Dundalk Institute of Technology)
  4. Moira Maguire (Dundalk Institute of Technology)
  5. Don Faller (Athlone Institute of Technology)
  6. Nuala Harding (Athlone Institute of Technology)
  7. Anne Mulvihill (Athlone Institute of Technology)
  8. Dina Brazil (Institute of Technology, Carlow)
  9. David Dowling (Institute of Technology, Carlow)
  10. Yvonne Kavanagh (Institute of Technology, Carlow)
  11. Gina Noonan (Institute of Technology, Carlow)
  12. Akinlolu Akande (Institute of Technology Sligo)
  13. David Doyle (Institute of Technology Sligo)
  14. Jeremy Bird (Institute of Technology Sligo)

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Topics: Students as Partners


PP - 07 » TEL Leadership | Students as Partners (15:40 - Friday, 1st June, L117 | Main Lecture Hall | Live Streaming)

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