Gender care in young children: What do we do, what do we know and what do they want?


In the Netherlands there is a long established set of institutions working with and for gender variant (GV) children and adolescents. They can be divided into: (1) Academic centers (Amsterdam, Leiden), (2) Mental Health... [ view full abstract ]


The general aim of the presentation is to confront scientific knowledge with clinical experience against the experiences and needs from GV children and their families on how they are counseled during the childhood years. [ view full abstract ]


The focus of the presentation will be two folded: (1) Give insight into the general advices in counseling that are given in the academic centers, into the practices of specialized mental health professionals and into the... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

From November 2016 to March 2017 several focus groups will be organized. Central theme in the focus groups will be: ”What to cherish, what to discard and what to improve in gender care in prepubertal children”. The focus... [ view full abstract ]


Central topics in the focus groups will be: What do children and families need in the period before puberty sets in? • What type of assessment is needed? When and by whom? Do we invite children with their parents or do we... [ view full abstract ]


This presentation will provide valuable information to make the next step in gender care for GV children and their families. [ view full abstract ]


  1. Thomas Wormgoor (Transvisie Zorg)
  2. Thomas D. Steensma (VU Medical Center Amsterdam)

Topic Area

Oral & Poster Topics: Children and adolescents


OS-2BB » Children & Adolescents IIb: Challenges in Transgender Care for Youth (11:00 - Friday, 7th April, Adriatic)

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