Patients' Priorities regarding Female-To-Male Sex Confirmation Surgery - A Pilot Study of 47 Patients in Sweden


Scientific literature reports several techniques for female-to-male (FTM) sex confirmation surgery (SCS), all with different benefits and limitations. No surgical technique is reported to be the best option for penile... [ view full abstract ]


To investigate patients’ priorities and preferences regarding SCS for FTM, thereby enabling future research to be better aligned with patients' needs. [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

47 FTM patients (aged 18 - 52 years), who were referred by a psychiatrist to Sahlgrenska University Hospital for discussing therapeutic steps (surgery and hormonal treatments), answered a questionnaire regarding different... [ view full abstract ]


Out of the patients who reported on their gender identity, 76% identified themselves as male and 24% wrote other terms, such as “mostly male”, “intergender” and “non-binary”. [ view full abstract ]


The gender identity had significant impact on the patients’ preferences in two questions: the importance of removing the vagina, and the importance of having a penis which would be passable in places such as male dressing... [ view full abstract ]


Our series of patients presents a considerable heterogeneity among FTM patients in both gender identity and preferences regarding SCS, which supports the need of several techniques. The patients must be accurately informed... [ view full abstract ]


Josephine Jacobsson (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, at Gothennburg University), My Andréasson (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, at Gothennburg University), Lars Kölby (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, at Gothennburg University), Anna Elander (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, at Gothennburg University), Gennaro Selvaggi (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, at Gothennburg University)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Surgery


OS-3E » Surgery III: Phalloplasty: Techniques, outcomes, and complications [surgical program] (11:15 - Saturday, 8th April, Aegean)

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