Surgical techniques in Facial Feminization Surgery


Modifying facial gender in the transition protocol is without doubt as important as hormone therapy and genital reconstruction. Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) encompasses a group of surgical procedures designed to soften... [ view full abstract ]


Our aim is to present the latest advancements in FFS techniques and our clinical analysis after operating 650 transgender male-to-female patients. [ view full abstract ]


• Forehead reconstruction: to remodel the forehead by combining bone sculpture and frontonasal-orbital reconstruction, including osteotomy and repositioning of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus. • Lower jaw and chin... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Description of surgical techniques. [ view full abstract ]


Clinical analysis and evaluation after operating 650 transgender male-to-female patients. [ view full abstract ]


The purpose of FFS is to treat gender dysphoria, helping the patient feel more comfortable in her own body, but also helping her to be perceived by others as the woman she is. Any patient undergoing FFS must have clear,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Luis Capitán (FACIALTEAM)
  2. Daniel Simon (FACIALTEAM)
  3. Carlos Bailón (FACIALTEAM)
  4. Raúl Jiménez-Bellinga (FACIALTEAM)
  5. Javier Gutiérrez-Santamaría (FACIALTEAM)
  6. Fermín Capitán-Cañadas (FACIALTEAM)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Surgery


OS-1F » Surgery I (14:00 - Thursday, 6th April, Exhibition Hall)

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