Surgical indications and outcomes of mastectomy in transmen: A prospective study of technical and self-reported outcome measures


Although transgender surgery constitutes a growing field within plastic surgery, prospective studies on masculinizing mastectomies are lacking [ view full abstract ]


The objective of the present study was to prospectively follow a cohort of transmen undergoing mastectomy and assessing technical and self-reported outcomes, as well as to evaluate surgical decision-making. [ view full abstract ]


Fifty-four transmen were recruited during a 10-month period at the Department of Plastic Surgery of a Centre of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria. Preoperative assessment included standardized chest examination. Six months... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Surgical decision-making was evaluated by comparing indications and outcomes per technique, and assessing the clinical validity of the most-used decision-aid (using Cohen’s kappa). [ view full abstract ]


One periareolar mastectomy, 26 concentric circular mastectomies and 22 inframammary skin resections with free nipple graft were performed in our cohort. Five participants were still to be operated. Concentric circular... [ view full abstract ]


Compared to inframammary skin resections, concentric circular mastectomy – despite being performed in favourable breast types – appears to produce poorer technical and self-reported outcomes. Surgical indications and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tim van de Grift (VUMC)
  2. Lian Elfering (VUMC)
  3. Mark-Bram Bouman (VUMC)
  4. Müjde Özer (VUMC)
  5. Marlon Buncamper (VUMC)
  6. Jan Maerten Smit (VUMC)
  7. Margriet Mullender (VUMC)

Topic Area

Oral & Poster Topics: Surgery


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