How big is too big? Functional dimensions of bestselling insertive sex toys to guide maximal neophallus dimensions


In our practice we have encountered multiple female-to-male transgender patients seeking neophallus revision surgery for excessive girth which precludes penetrative intercourse. There is little evidence available to guide... [ view full abstract ]


We aim to assess the length and circumference of bestselling realistic dildos, and then compare these to published erect cis-gender penile dimensions, for the following purposes: 1. To see how the mean length and girth of... [ view full abstract ]


We collected reported measurements for “realistic dildos” designated as bestsellers for the top five online adult retailers in the United States and for We compared these with in-person... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Main outcome measures: Average length and circumference of overall bestselling and top-three largest bestselling realistic dildos as reported on top websites and measured in person by investigators. [ view full abstract ]


While the insertive length of all of these compiled sex toys is one standard deviation greater than functional erect penile length as reported in the literature, their average circumference was quite close to mean reported... [ view full abstract ]


We suggest that a reasonable maximal neophallus girth after insertion of an inflatable penile prosthesis is 15.1 cm in circumference (=2 standard deviations greater than the mean reported natal erect penile girth (11.5 cm... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Maurice Garcia (University of California San Francisco)
  2. Lia Banie (University of California San Francisco)
  3. James Bellringer (Department of Gender Surgery, Parkside Hospital)
  4. Philip Thomas (NHS/Neuffeld, London, UK)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Surgery


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