Delivery of a truly patient-centred service for chest reconstruction in trans gender persons

Grit Dabritz

Department of Surgery, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust

Miss Dabritz trained as a general and breast surgeon in the North West of England. Following her extensive training in Oncoplastic reconstruction techniques, she was appointed as a consultant at North Manchester General Hospital in 2011.Her main interests are in reconstructive and gender reassignment surgery.She leads a tertiary referral service for transgender patients covering the whole of Scotland as well as England and Wales.


Persons diagnosed with gender dysphoria generally experience distress due to the dissonance between their birth-assigned and experienced gender. The goal of medical and surgical interventions is to align the physical... [ view full abstract ]


To represent our service for Trans gender persons undergoing chest reconstruction, we describe the pertinent features of the care that we deliver for Trans male persons referred for chest contouring surgery. A service which we... [ view full abstract ]


The full process of care for Trans male persons having chest reconstruction at North Manchester General Hospital is presented, with particular reference to selection of surgical technique. At our institution, five different... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

To present what we believe to be a reliable, thorough and reproducible model of patient-care which adheres to and exceeds the WPATH standards. [ view full abstract ]


Prior to referral for surgery, all patients have been fully assessed by a Gender Identity clinic and have made a social gender role transition. At initial consultation for chest reconstruction surgery, a thorough history and... [ view full abstract ]


Patient-involvement in the surgical decision-making process is central to our model of care. We have a range of reconstruction techniques which may be employed, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The success of each... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Chloe Wright (Department of Surgery, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust)
  2. Kate Williams (Department of Surgery, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust)
  3. Grit Dabritz (Department of Surgery, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust)

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