Facial feminization surgery of forehead: combined augmentation and bone reduction technique


Forehead surgery for facial feminization is one of the most common procedure in male-to-female transgender. Current surgical procedure techniques including eye brow bone shaving, forehead bone augmentation, forehead bone... [ view full abstract ]


To describe the author’s surgical techniques for forehead feminization surgery consisting forehead bone bossing reduction combined augmentation with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) sheet, and hairline advancement in... [ view full abstract ]


Between February 2002 and September 2016, there were 1250 cases had been performed forehead feminization surgery in 815 transwomen and 435 biologic women. There were 720 cases had been performed forehead surgery as a single... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

There were two cases of infection in patients had previous filler material injection. Ten cases complained about visible the edge of the prosthesis. There were two case of minimal folding of the implant. There were three cases... [ view full abstract ]


The majority of patients were satisfied with the results. There were eleven cases requested for cosmetic purpose of revision surgery. Two cases needed implant removal. [ view full abstract ]


Forehead feminization surgery with supra orbital ridge (brow bone) reduction combined with forehead augmentation in selected cases achieve the goal of forehead feminization. The risks, morbidity, and operation time should be... [ view full abstract ]


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