Quality of life survey to assess the psychosocial benefits of gender affirming surgery in female-to-male transgender patients


While a number of public health studies focus on mental health and HIV in transgender populations, there is a disproportionately smaller number of investigations into the benefits of surgery. Various psychometric instruments... [ view full abstract ]


To design and validate a quantitative survey that specifically assesses issues important to FTM patients before and after chest reconstruction surgery. [ view full abstract ]


FTM transgender patients at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Center for Excellence in Transgender Care and San Francisco General Hospital community health center who had and had not undergone chest... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

The final versions of the newly designed pre- and post-operative quality of life surveys had 29-items, consisting of three sections measuring patients’ satisfaction and perception of masculinity, confidence around others,... [ view full abstract ]


Among the 11 FTM transgender patients surveyed thus far, 70% were Caucasian and the median age was 32.5 (range 22-50) years. All patients underwent bilateral simple mastectomy with free nipple grafting. Only one patient (9%)... [ view full abstract ]


This newly constructed quality of life survey appears to be feasible and valid for FTM transgender patients undergoing gender affirming surgery via chest reconstruction. Although this evaluation is based on a small sample size... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andre Alcon (University of California San Francisco)
  2. Eric Wang (University of California San Francisco)
  3. Rachel Lentz (University of California San Francisco)
  4. Natnaelle Admassu (University of California San Francisco)
  5. Kelsey B Loeliger (Yale School of Public Health)
  6. Merisa Piper (University of California San Francisco)
  7. Esther Kim (University of California San Francisco)

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