Ethical framework for penile transplantation surgery for trans-people


Medical science has made tremendous advancements during the last decades. A milestone was the first report of successful transplantation of a solid organ, the kidney, which was later followed by successful transplantations of... [ view full abstract ]


To identify the main ethical issues that are likely to be associated with the development of PT for trans people, and eventually to develop prima facie ethical guidelines to allow this research, discussing, for example, body... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Analysis of the ethical issues, and application of the Emmanuel’s et al. (2000) ethical requirements for research, on the feasibility of innovative PT surgery for trans people. Term paper for the MA in Bioethics, New York... [ view full abstract ]


1) There is no specific ethical issue that could be raised up in merit of body donation for anatomical study when developing PT for trans people. 2) I argue that many people might have different attitudes towards donation of... [ view full abstract ]


Emanuel et al. (2000) previously proposed a framework of seven clinical requirements for clinical research, as scientific and social value, scientific validity, fair subject selection, favorable risk-benefit ratio (I hereby... [ view full abstract ]


There is no ethical issue that would make research on PT unjustified in the specific subgroup of trans people. The same ethical framework guiding other non-life threatening transplantations (e.g. face and hands) can be adapted... [ view full abstract ]


Gennaro Selvaggi (Sahlgrenska University Hospital, at Gothennburg University)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Surgery


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