Video : Post phalloplasty urethral fistula correcting by Martius' Flap


Urethral fistula are a common but dreaded postoperative complication of the phalloplasty for sex reassignment surgery (F to M). [ view full abstract ]


Present a surgical technique to correct urethral fistula with a Martius's flap [ view full abstract ]


A 6-minutes of the surgical technique in a case of a F ot M transgender patient [ view full abstract ]


There was no post operative complication and there is no reccurence in thiis case at this day. [ view full abstract ]


It is an interresting surgical technique in the managment of the urethral fistula for F to M transgender patient [ view full abstract ]


  1. Maxime Deslandes (University hospital Bordeaux)
  2. Romain Weigert (University hospital Bordeaux)
  3. vincent casoli (University hospital Bordeaux)
  4. Mathieu Bondaz (University hospital Bordeaux)
  5. Sophie Boulon (University hospital Bordeaux)
  6. Grégoire Capon (University hospital Bordeaux)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Surgery


PS-6 » E-Posters Surgery (2) (16:30 - Thursday, 6th April, Aegean)

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