10 years in Facial Feminization


The best way to begin this Workshop on Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is to pose the following question: is the face important when it comes to recognizing a person’s gender? Indeed, modifying facial gender in the... [ view full abstract ]


Our goal with this Workshop is to present the latest advancements in FFS techniques and our clinical analysis after operating 650 transgender male-to-female patients: a 10-year experience. Any patient undergoing FFS must have... [ view full abstract ]


Talk 1Tittle: Introduction to Facial Feminization SurgerySummary: Facial Feminization Surgery encompasses a group of surgical procedures designed to soften and modify facial features perceived as masculine or non-harmonic, and... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Talk 2Tittle: FFS in the upper third of the faceSummary: Given that: (1) a forehead reconstruction is indicated for a high percentage of patients who require hairline correction; and (2) the reconstruction involve obtaining,... [ view full abstract ]


Talk 3Tittle: FFS in the middle third of the faceSummary: Rhinoplasty surgical techniques which provide a correct support and stability in the mid- to long-term are essential for obtaining a predictable result. In the context... [ view full abstract ]


Talk 4Tittle: FFS in the lower third of the faceSummary:1) Jaw and chin. The possible goals of this treatment include: modifying the width and height of the jaw, softening the jawline and modifying the size, shape and position... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Luis Capitán (FACIALTEAM)
  2. Javier Gutiérrez-Santamaría (FACIALTEAM)
  3. Fermín Capitán-Cañadas (FACIALTEAM)

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MW-2F » Facial Feminisation Surgery (16:00 - Friday, 7th April, Aegean)

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