Standards of care upcoming version 8 and EPATH Language Policy


The Standards of Care (SOC) for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People promote evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy, public policy and respect. The last version of the SOC,... [ view full abstract ]


As the world is rapidly changing, and the trans*world in particular, adaptations and new recommendations are strongly needed on a regular basis. At this moment there are many issues and debates around a number of different... [ view full abstract ]


Part I (70 min):The SOC Revision Committee is eager to be informed through input from WPATH/EPATH members.Part II (20 min):After a short presentation of the Language Policy/Guidelines, an open discussion is proposed for... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

This symposium/workshop/panel will be a forum where, after a short introduction from different experts, everyone will be invited to participate in the discussion. [ view full abstract ]


Part I:This discussion will make the evolutions in the different topics more visible and will be a guide for reworking the SOC.Part II: The discussion on Language will contribute to strategies for using respectful,... [ view full abstract ]


"Listening panels" and feed-back from WPATH/EPATH members, professionals as well as people from the transgender community are needed to develop SOC that reflect new evolutions and are global applicable. The promotion of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Griet Decuypere (Ghent University)
  2. Lin Fraser (Private Practice San Francisco)
  3. Eli Coleman (University of Minnesota - Minneapolis)
  4. Gail Knudson (University of British Columbia)
  5. Amets Suess Schwend (Andalusian School of Public Health, Granada, Spain; CIBER-ESP, Centre for Biomedical Network Research – Epidemiology and Public Health)
  6. Walter Pierre Bouman (Nottingham National Centre for Transgender Health, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Nottingham, United Kingdom)
  7. Joz Motmans (Ghent University Hospital, Center for Sexology and Gender)
  8. Adam Smiley (Health Officer, Transgender Europe, TGEU, Berlin)

Topic Area

Topics: Other suggestion


MW-1A » SOC8 and EPATH Language Policy (14:00 - Friday, 7th April, Pacific)

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