Counceling Turkish immigrant families with transgender members


Immigrants with origins in Turkey expect that specialists from Turkey will understand them better and take a sensitive approach regarding our cultural values. Consequently, during their holidays they come to their native... [ view full abstract ]


The aim of this presentation is to describe transgender Turkish individuals and their families who live in different European countries. Secondly, our methods of working with immigrant families who have TG members in them... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Families’ coming from different backgrounds for consultation and their demands will be explained with single case examples. Counceling: First meetings were done with individuals claiming to be TG. Their story and their... [ view full abstract ]


During interviews, family members repeatedly asked the same questions in different forms like the repetition of traumatized people. Even though they started their talk by saying that they came to us to obtain scientific... [ view full abstract ]


The principals of working with people who come from Europe are esentially not any different from the ones we do with individuals who live in Turkey. Similar themes like religion and family are always on the forefront,... [ view full abstract ]


Our observations show that TG individuals of migrant families living in different countries experience the same ostracisation, pressure and violence from their families same as the TGs living in Turkey. These families living... [ view full abstract ]


Sahika Yuksel (CETAD (Association of Sex Education, Treatment and Research))

Topic Area

Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


OS-3AB » Mental Health IIIb: Transgender Health Services around Europe (11:15 - Saturday, 8th April, Adriatic)

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