Social and psychological correlates of transphobia

Antonio Prunas

Milan-Bicocca State University

Antonio Prunas, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at Milano Bicocca State University, Milan (Italy). 


Hill (2002) defines transphobia in terms of “emotional disgust toward individuals who do not conform to society’s gender expectations” (Hill and Willoughby 2005, p. 533). While there is an established literature on... [ view full abstract ]


Aim of the present study is to assess which socio-demographical and psychological variables (focusing in particular on psychopathology, defense mechanisms and pathological personality traits) are associated with transphobia in... [ view full abstract ]


165 students were voluntarily recruited among those attending 3 public universities in Milan (Italy), by word of mouth and ads posted in public places. Among participants, 49 were cisgender males (29.7%) and 116 cisgender... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

The students who voluntarily agreed to participate completed a battery of questionnaires (presented in randomized order) including: - a socio-demographic form; - the Transphobia Scale (TS; Nagoshi et al., 2008) is a 9-item... [ view full abstract ]


A hierarchical regression model was carried out with the TS total score as dependent variable; gender and age (step 1), sexual orientation (step 2), political orientation (step 3), religiosity (step 4), contact with trans... [ view full abstract ]


Our results show that people with higher levels of transphobia show a specific psychological profile characterized by a less mature defense style and high levels of antagonism. Antagonism is defined as "behaviours that put... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Antonio Prunas (Milan-Bicocca State University)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


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