The relevance of measuring satisfaction with gender affirming surgery: Who will be (dis)satisfied and how does it impact quality of life? A follow-up study


Quality of life (QoL) after gender affirming surgery (GAS) of people diagnosed with gender dysphoria may be related to complications and satisfaction with treatment outcome. More knowledge on this relationship can improve... [ view full abstract ]


To describe complications and satisfaction with the outcomes of GAS five years after clinical admission, and to assess the impact of satisfaction on different measures of QoL. [ view full abstract ]


Data was collected via a follow-up survey as part of the European Network for the Investigation of Gender Incongruence. All individuals with gender dysphoria who applied for medical interventions from 2007 until 2009 were... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Information on the GAS procedures performed was retrieved from medical records. Self-reported complications and satisfaction were recorded on a self-constructed questionnaire. QoL was measured by means of three instruments... [ view full abstract ]


Satisfaction with GAS procedures was 94 to 100%. Dissatisfaction was reported by eight respondents and associated with more psychological symptoms and lower life satisfaction at baseline, and with self-reported complications... [ view full abstract ]


Satisfaction with GAS was associated with preoperative psychological functioning and experienced complications at follow-up. As dissatisfaction can be viewed as an indicator of less favorable outcomes (including lowered QoL),... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tim van de Grift (VUMC)
  2. Els Elaut (ugent)
  3. Susanne Cerwenka (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf)
  4. Peggy Cohen-Kettenis (VUMC)
  5. Baudewijntje Kreukels (VUMC)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


OS-1A » Mental Health I: Mental & Sexual Health and Outcomes in Transgender Health (14:00 - Thursday, 6th April, Baltic)

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