The activities of the Self and Mutual Help Group for Transgender People of Transgender Counseling of Torre del Lago (Italy) from 2008 to present


The present contribution describes the activities of nine years (since 2008) of the Self and Mutual Help Group performed at the Consultorio Transgenere in Torre del Lago Puccini (Lucca, Italy). The group was open to... [ view full abstract ]


Purpose of the research is to evaluate the positive effects of the meetings of Self and Mutual Help Group for transgender people on their lives in terms of improved well-being, growing awareness of gender identity, greater... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

The research is made by the analysis of statistical data on the participation of the group in the years, on different parameters: participant characteristics, transition type (MtF, FtM or other), duration of the group path,... [ view full abstract ]


The main outcome of group activity is measured by submitting to the participants specific questionnaires on the outcome about psychological well-being, gender identity and internalized transphobia, and by the qualitative... [ view full abstract ]


Results of our analyzes show a significant improvement in psychological well-being of transgender people that follow the Self Help and Mutual Group activities, with a greater awareness of their gender identity and a better... [ view full abstract ]


The Self and Mutual Help Group activity, that continues for nine years, is a crucial time to support transgender people in our area. As well as improve psychological well-being, it is useful to transgender people and families... [ view full abstract ]


Massimo Lavaggi (Associazione Consultorio Transgenere), Chiara Dalle Luche (Associazione Consultorio Transgenere), Regina Satariano (Associazione Consultorio Transgenere)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


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