Sexual and mental health of transgender persons in Croatia


Sexual health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality, sexual relationships and gender identity as well as the... [ view full abstract ]


The aim of this study was to broaden our knowledgment about sexual health of transgender persons, their experience of sexual harrasment and to explore parenting asspirations among transgender population. Authors wanted to mark... [ view full abstract ]


This research was conducted online. Survey was quantitative with possibility of open answers that were the focus of qualitative content analysis. The link was posted on 2 Croatian NGO's concerning transgender issues. N= 45... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

The average level of life satisfaction of our transgender sample is below average level of life satisfaction of Croatian population. There is alarming high number of transgender persons who are engaged in unprotected sex... [ view full abstract ]


When talking about sexual violence, 22 of our participants experience sexual harassment such as innapropriate touching, 25 of our participants experienced unwanted sexual statements and sexual attention, while 22 of our... [ view full abstract ]


Results show that many trans persons are at high risk of poor treatment within Croatian medical and health system. Results concerning sexual health of transgender persons and experienced violence are alarming and call for... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Iva Žegura (University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče)
  2. Ivana Vrbat (University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče)
  3. Goran Arbanas (University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče)

Topic Area

Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


OS-3AB » Mental Health IIIb: Transgender Health Services around Europe (11:15 - Saturday, 8th April, Adriatic)

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