Experiences of parents who have transgender children (minor and adult) in Croatia- The qualitative study


This research is a pilot study of experiences of parents of transgender children (minors and adults). Parents, as a primary caregivers, are often the first one to notice signs of gender nonconformity in their children and... [ view full abstract ]


Aim of this study was to broaden our knowledge about attitudes, experiences and emotions parents of transgender persons encounter during dealing with issue of coming out and transition process of their children. Aim of this... [ view full abstract ]


This research was conducted as structured interview. Participants were parents of transgender persons involved in process of gender transition within Croatian mental health system (University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče) who... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

What concerns most is that majority of parents expressed that they have hard time dealing with feelings of guilt because of their child transgenderism, thus they attributed the cause of transgenderism of their children to... [ view full abstract ]


The data collected form interview showed that most parents felt fear, concern and disturbance when they found out that their child is transgender. Results show that parents knew little or nothing about transgender persons in... [ view full abstract ]


Negative social messages about a core part of the self, such as gender identity always tend toward a subjective feeling of „not-okeyness” in LGBT minority persons, especially early in life, when young persons are still... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Iva Žegura (University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče)
  2. Ivana Vrbat (University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Social sciences


OS-2D » Social Sciences II: Transgender Families (11:00 - Friday, 7th April, Mediterranean)

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