Slovenian Interdisciplinary team for gender identity confirmation -our experiences from 2013-2016

Irena Rahne Otorepec

University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana

Irena Rahne Otorepec is MD, consultant psychiatrist, FECSM. She is working in the field of transgender health for 10 years. She is the chief of Outpatient Clinic for Sexual Health in University Psychiatric Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is the president of Interdisciplinary Team for Gender Identity Confirmation in Slovenia. She is the member of WPATH since 2017.

Peter Zajc

University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana

Peter Zajc is MD, consultant psychiatrist. He is expert in the field of LGBT-affirmative psychotherapy, working in Crisis Intervention Unit and Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic for PLHIV in the University Psychiatric Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is working in the fileld of transgender health for 3 years. He is a member of Interdisciplinary Team for Gender Identitiy Confirmation in Slovenia.


Slovenian Interdisciplinary team for gender identity confirmation has been organized in 1997 and it has prepared recommendations for assessment and treatment for persons with gender dysphoria diagnosis. In 2013 we open the... [ view full abstract ]


The aim of the curent protocol is to evaluate clinical assessment and treatment of all trans persons who entered our clinic. [ view full abstract ]


We gathered 2012-2016 data and analyzed all trans persons with diagnosis F64 (ICD -10). [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Outcome measures include parameters as genders, age, personality traits, co morbid dysfunctions, phase of treatment, and process of transition and also change of legal documents. [ view full abstract ]


Thus far, 50 trans persons with gender dysphoria diagnosis have been included in the protocol. The study is still ongoing. [ view full abstract ]


In 2013-2016 period of time the number of trans persons seeking gender affirming treatment increased especially adolescents between sixteen and eighteen years old. However well-designed study evaluating effectiveness of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Irena Rahne Otorepec (University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana)
  2. Peter Zajc (University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana)

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OS-3AB » Mental Health IIIb: Transgender Health Services around Europe (11:15 - Saturday, 8th April, Adriatic)

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