Sexual life of transgender individuals in Turkey: The effect of sex reassignment surgery

Sahika Yuksel


Retired Prof from Department of  Psychiatry, Medical School, University of Istanbul.  2013 in private practice Founder  of Istanbul-Psychosocial Trauma Program   Past President of Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT)Founder member of different NGO’s  (Purple Roof shelters for women exposed violence; Human Rights Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims). Founder and Board Member of ESTSS (1994- 2001) and  Board member of International Society of Traumatic Stress Stress Clinical Practice, Teaching, research: Transgender adult and adolescents clinical treatment and forensic reports. Set up first transsexual service for in Turkey according SOC; Established therapist guided transgender groups. Post-traumatic problems, particularly in women exposed to sexual violence at home and during detention; Work with NGO’s on rehabilitation centers for torture victims and shelters; Founder of CETAD (Association of Education, and Treatment of Sexual Issues) Past Board member , Ethical Committee Member Member of International Academia of Sex Research Editorial Board of International Journal of Transgenderism 


A surprisingly small amount of research has examined the sex life of transgender individuals before and after undergoing sex reassignment surgery (SRS). Among transgender individuals, because of the discomfort involved in... [ view full abstract ]


The study aimed to compare transgender individuals sex life before and after sex reassignment surgery. [ view full abstract ]


Samples: The study includes two groups – Group I: 50 transgender individuals who had not undergone sex reassignment surgery and Group II: 20 transgender individuals who had undergone sex reassignment surgery. Measurements:... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

The absence of complications during surgery had a positive impact on sexual life and was observed to be more significant in the ASES items related to excitement. Negative attitudes against masturbation dropped from 45% to 5%... [ view full abstract ]


The study involved 39 transmen and 31 transwomen, with the mean age in Group I being 27.04 ± 7.56 and 32.6 ± 7.16 in Group II. Participants in Group II were more likely to have a regular job and had higher employment rates... [ view full abstract ]


The results of the study are discussed within a cultural and religious context, where it will be shown that transgender individuals in Turkey have experienced a very hard time transforming their private and public identity,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Berna Ozata Yildizhan (Dept of Psychiatry, Bakirkoy Ruh ve Sinir Hastaliklari Hastanesi, Bakirkoy, Istanbul)
  2. Sahika Yuksel (CETAD)
  3. Eren Yildizhan (Dep. of Psychiatry Bakirköy Ruh ve Sinir Hastaliklari Hastanesi)

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