Influence of basic personality dimensions on adaptation processes and quality of life in patients with gender dysphoria in post transitory period


Belgrade Gender Team has over 30 years experience in the treatment of gender dysphoric persons. Our study deals with the evaluation of the outcome of the complete gender reassigment surgery (SRS). [ view full abstract ]


The aim of the study was to evaluate postoperative outcomes of SRS through assessment of: quality of life, suicidal behavior, depression and anxiety. Main objective was to stress the influence of five basic personality traits... [ view full abstract ]


The test sample consisted of 40 patients. Necessary statistical methods were applied. [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Following instruments were used: Questionnaire of basic socio-demographic data, Short scale for assessing quality of life (WHOQoL- BREF 5), Personality Inventory (NEO-FFI), Personality Inventory (DELTA-10), Zung depression... [ view full abstract ]


Our study have indicated that suicidal behavior, depressive and anxiety symptoms were reduced after SRS. There was statistically significant difference in five basic personality traits in relation to level of adaptation after SRS. [ view full abstract ]


The combination of low neuroticism, low value of dimension of psychoticism, high agreeableness and extrovert behavioral style were good predictors of successful course and outcome of transition and satisfaction with achieved... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jasmina Barisic (Belgrade Gender Team, Cabinet for Transgender states, Clinic for Psychiatry Clinical Center of Serbia, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia.)
  2. Dragana Duisin (Belgrade gender dysphoria team Cabinet for Transgender States, Clinic for Psychiatry Clinical Center of Serbia)
  3. Miroslav Djordjevic (Belgrade gender dysphoria team)
  4. Svetlana Vujovic (Belgrade Gender Dysphoria Team, Clinic of endocrinology, diabetes and diseases of metabolism, Clinical Center of Serbia, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia)
  5. Marta Bizic (Belgrade gender dysphoria team)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Mental health


OS-3A » Mental Health III: Cross Sectional and Follow up Studies (11:15 - Saturday, 8th April, Baltic)

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