Resting-state functional connectivity patterns are altered in adolescents diagnosed with gender dysphoria


While several studies showed altered functional connectivity (FC) patterns in brain resting-state networks in transgender adults, it is unclear whether such patterns also exist in children and adolescents diagnosed with gender... [ view full abstract ]


We aimed to address both above-described research questions by determining how FC patterns in boys diagnosed with GD, girls diagnosed with GD, cisgender boys (CBs) and cisgender girls (CGs) are related to each other. [ view full abstract ]


We included 31 pre-pubertal children (18 boys) and 40 adolescents (19 boys) diagnosed with GD and 39 prepubertal (21 boys) and 41 adolescent (20 boys) cisgender controls. Using independent component analysis we identified the... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

FC connectivity within the SMNs, auditory network, visual networks, DAN, left and right WMNs, DMN and SN. [ view full abstract ]


In cisgender children, no group differences in FC in any of the networks were observed. In cisgender adolescents, we found a sex difference in FC within the SMN-II and DMN. In the same networks we found a difference between... [ view full abstract ]


In adolescents diagnosed with GD we found evidence for sex-atypical FC patterns within the SMN-II and DMN. In visual network-II, no sex differences were found but boys diagnosed with GD differed from all other groups. Hence,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Nienke Nota (VU University Medical Center)
  2. Baudewijntje Kreukels (VU University Medical Center)
  3. Julie Bakker (VU Medical Center Amsterdam)
  4. Martin den Heijer (VU University Medical Center)
  5. Peggy Cohen-Kettenis (VU University Medical Center)
  6. Dick Veltman (VU University Medical Center)
  7. Sarah Burke (VU University Medical Center)

Topic Area

Oral & Poster Topics: Endocrinology


OS-3C » Endocrinology III: Neurobiology (11:15 - Saturday, 8th April, Atlantic 3)

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