The story of the Romanian trans community told by an young endocrinologist

Adriana Gogoi

Privat medical system Bucharest and Pitesti

I am an endocrinologist, I have one year of practice after the end of the internship in Dec 2015. I have great interests in the field of transgender health but I am without any experience until the present as during my years as an intern I havent met any person with gender identity dysphoria. 


In Romania, like in many other countries, the visibility and transparency of the trans people has increased in the recent years with the public acces to the information regarding this delicate topic. Even so, the lack of... [ view full abstract ]


I, an endocrinologist with interests in the field of transgender health, but without any experience during my internship, with the help of TransForm, chose to start my first analysis of the trans community in Romania. [ view full abstract ]


I collected data using an online questionnaire distributed with the help of the founding member of TransForm. I used 19 questions and 45 answers were gathered. [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

I aimed to find out from the simple issues like the gender identity of the person, age, level of education, their medical insurance situation, to the more complex aspects of the medical (hormonal treatment, medical... [ view full abstract ]


It is maybe that, because of the media involvement of the transmale members of the community, most people who answered are transmales (75 %), 49 % are between 18 and 30 of age, and even though the majority of them have a... [ view full abstract ]


The situation of the trans people in Romania is far from being perfect. Even as a doctor with interests in persons with gender dysphoria diagnosis, you don’t have access to the experience of a gender team or practical... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Adriana Gogoi (Privat medical system Bucharest and Pitesti)

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